Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gift Certificate Giveaway for May

Follow instructions HERE...leave comment below!
Good luck!

If you encounter problems entering the contest, you can always choose to post a comment anonymously, but make sure to include your name and contact info!

If there are more than 40 entries, two gift certificates will be given out!


  1. I would love to win one of your cakes!

  2. My Talia is turning the big 10 June 8th and we are tired of getting her the normal "Costco Cake" any ideas??? THanks girl.....Keeping my fingers crossed...:)

  3. So, I missed the Birthdays in June giveaway but I would love to try for this one... Mine and my MIL's B-day is the 6th of June. My nephew's, my mom's, my bro's, and my SIL's is also in June, so it would be fun to get one of your cakes!
    jellerman at rocketmail dot com