Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gift Certificate Giveaway for April

Follow instructions HERE...leave comment below!
Good luck!

If you encounter problems entering the contest, you can always choose to post a comment anonymously, but make sure to include your name and contact info!

If there are more than 40 entries, two gift certificates will be given out!


  1. i would love to win one of your cakes!

  2. A gift certificate would be fabulous too! :)
    Kenadee's already planning Chocolate for sure!

  3. I would love to win a Gift Certificate! Not only is my daughter's B-day coming up but so is my dad's and my niece's. Also mine and my Hubby's anniversary! Let's all eat cake!


  4. Oh I hope i win! I would LOVE one of your cakes at my brothers Farewell!!

  5. I would Love love love to win a gift certificate for my baby girl's baby shower in june or july. I love your cakes they are gorgeous! Pick me!

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  7. I would LOVE to win! My daughter's first birthday is next month and I want a cute cake for her! Pick ME!!

  8. PiCk Me PiCk Me!!!!!!! My best friends Birthday is comin up and we both love your cakes so PiCk Me PiCk Me!!!!!
    Cari Newby

  9. I would love to win a cake for my friend who lives in Utah. It would be such a surprise because I live in the Netherlands (Europe).
    Can't send her one of my cakes, and I just love yours!!

    Nicky Tenthof van Noorden - Gout